Shouting at the Aether



I know I’m not the only one.

For the longest time I had no idea what others around me were thinking, but now?

I know I’m not the only one who’s been staring at the rot and decay of western civilization. I know I’m not the only one casually kicking around the rubble even as the structure crumbles overhead. I know I’m not the only one who has looked towards the past, seen the promises it held, and fitfully scorned the present “future” that came about.

I know.

A man is a nation unto himself, always unto death. But he desires something more than that.

We humans, isolated as we are in these independent minds, desperately seek companionship in order to validate that we do, in fact, Exist. And in our infinite ambition we seek to create communities around us to achieve just that. But where families are forced upon us, where religion appeals to the intangible, and where romance often leads to fickle lust, the nation embodies something else. It implies a social contract, an agreement between thinking beings to form a functioning community, its constituent members both validating and uplifting each other at every stroke. These nations are the souls of civilization, and any civilized man depends upon them for a sustenance I cannot describe in any loftier terms.

All fairly romantic, and to the modern cynic a sick joke.

Except it wasn’t.

While historians pontificate about what constitutes a “modern state,” the truth is that these kinds of communities have existed since the dawn of civilized man, since man civilized himself through them. Countries, nations, communities of thinking men, building, fighting, living, were both the makers and record keepers of our history. At times they were led poorly, and those leaders were drawn and quartered. But otherwise the contract was clear. The division of labor was clear. And for leaders of any stripe to succeed, they were held personally accountable to the people whose welfare they were charged with.

My university peers casually deride this history as the “sad tale of barbaric and homophobic white men.”

All I see is humanity’s best chance at improving itself.

And I see it vanishing in the rear view mirror.

Make no mistake, the modern cynic derides these romantic notions precisely because, in such a twisted era, the romantic is maligned as untrue. And it is untrue, by our own hands. I cannot think of a single nation today in which the society is unified in both intention and execution, in any respect whatsoever. The “best countries” on today’s Earth are only called such when they have “the most gay rights,” or when they have “the lowest corporate taxes.” Nowhere do you see the passionate élan of the most humble serf giving the reigning stewards the power to build the smallest fiefdoms into the largest kingdoms, with approval in both directions. In an age where everyone is supposedly “enlightened,” no one is, and least among them are the true “despots” that no longer exist in the historical narrative, but behind the largest desks in government. Western civilization exchanged the community of thinking men for the atomized slag pile of double-speaking degenerates.

I am not the only one who sees this. After all, I am a product of it.

But unlike many of my peers, I still reject it. If I am a Nationless Patriot, it is not because I revile the idea of a national society, spurn hierarchy, and scoff at authority. Rather, the complete and total destruction of such things across the western world has seen to it that I have every reason to reject whatever semblance of “nations” that do exist.

Thus I am reduced to my default nation of one. And it is not satisfying.

This is a blog for every person who walked down the street and recognized that no one they met could be relied upon as a “fellow citizen.” It is a blog for those people who have chosen not to blind themselves to the obvious, or recoil into the hedonistic depths of the heroin drip. It is a blog for spiritual nomads who look upon a once proud standard, hung upside down, defaced, subordinated to some foreign flag, and immediately feel the sting of abandonment on a truly national scale.

It’s a blog for Nationless Patriots.



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